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Monthly Website Packages - Satisfaction Guarantee

Paramount Web offers a free multiple revision facility on all web design packages. Any customer, who approves the initial website draft, automatically gets entitled to the 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Through this guarantee, we will continue improving the website and adding all the pages and content until completion. Customers may contact us via email or phone to make these changes. As soon as the setup fee has been paid, we will contact the customer and provide a free consultation as well as assistance in choosing a domain name. We guarantee based on the information provided by the customer that the website will be up and running within 7 days from the sign up date and revision can take 1-3 days. Once the website is completed, we will submit it to all major search engines and make all the necessary tweaking to make sure the website is found based on the customers' geographical market. The setup fee must be paid in order to begin any website project, monthly service plans begin 30 days following the setup fee. There is a 1 year contract on all monthly web packages. Any customer wishing to cancel the service after the first year must do so by contacting our support team 30 days prior to the end of the contract, not doing so will automatically renew the agreement for an additional year. If the customer defaults on the payment, the website will be suspended within the following 30 days until payment has been made for the balance owed. Upon signup of any service plan, the customer allows paramount web to register a new Domain or manage an existing domain as well as the hosting associated to the domain for the purpose of online promotional activities for the term of the contract. Customers who wish to transfer a domain name to another registrar may do so after paying a full year of service + a transfer fee.

Monthly Website Packages - Buyout Price

Our templates can be bought out with full rights as long as the setup fee & website payments have been paid for 1 full year + $99 transfer fee. At this point Paramount Web will send all the site files via email or upload them to a hosting account specified by the client. Please note: clients who take this option are not entitled to site maintenance, SEO, or tech support. These services can be purchased additionally as part of a separate package.

Domain Registration

All domains will be renewed automatically every year unless otherwise specified by the customer.

SEO - Satisfaction Guarantee

Any website containing flash, frames/layers or adult material is not eligible for the guarantee. Websites that have been altered after they have been optimized by Paramount Web may also be voided.If customers do not respond to communications from Paramount Web for more that 60 days, the website optimization process may be considered "abandoned" and payment will be surrendered in full. Paramount Web guarantees a minimum number of top ten listings in one or more of the 12 major search engines within 9 months of completion date. Most search engines will index your page in approximately 3 months, but it takes more time to gain popularity and ranking needed to achieve competitive phrases. Search Engines include: Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, AOL, WOW, Webcrawler. We can guarantee top 10 across all major search engines within a 9 month time frame. Paramount will not be help liable for any lost profits or other incidental or consequential damages arising from the Search Engine optimization service provided.The SEO process may take up to 9 months. If a customer agrees to any of our SEO packages, he or she therefore agrees to a minimum term of 1 year. Paramount Web holds the right to charge you an early cancellation fee of $99 plus 30% of any payments remaining on the 1 year time frame.This Search Engine Optimization process does not guarantee any sales or traffic to your website. Traffic and sales depend on the demand of your particular product or service, the design of your website and many other factors that are beyond the control of Paramount Web.


All products on our website are in CAD Currency. Customers can make payment using any of the following methods:Credit Card Online or Telephone via Moneris Solutions - Visa, Master Card & Amex, Email Interac, Check.

Order status and tracking

Once the client has completed the payment and provided us with a valid e-mail address he will receive an initial email confirming the order has been placed successfully. From there, the client may continue correspondence via e-mail or phone with his dedicated media consultant.

Balances owed and late payments

Any balances unpaid within 30 days will be subject to a late payment fee of 5% per month.